Effective January 1, 2016
​Updated June 1, 2018

 How Much Time?                   
On average, each room in a home takes approximately 1 hour to move.  “Rooms” are considered any separate space in excess of 30 ft2.  The clock starts upon arrival and ends when the last item is unloaded into its final destination. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, EACH MOVE HAS A 2 HOUR MINIMUM & TIME IS PRORATED AFTER THE INITIAL 2 HOURS. Time does not carry forward to additional days; the 2 hour minimum applies to each day individually.

Loading/Unloading Only?
When loading or unloading only Affordable Moving will not be responsible for any damage caused in transit due to improper padding.  It is the customer’s responsibility to supply sufficient padding and coverings when they are storing or transporting their own goods. 

Have you downsized?
Many people forget to take into consideration when they have downsized their home, if you at ANY time moved from a larger home into the home you are moving out of, you will need to account for the actual amount of furniture.  Meaning if you moved a 5 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom home, you should base your cost on the 5 bedroom home.

We are happy to help disassemble and reassemble furniture items for our customers, however, the time for this service is continuous and we will NOT be responsible for items that are damaged in this process.  Furniture many times is not meant to be taken apart and does not always fit back the way it originally was, for our protection all customers requesting this service may be required to sign a Release of Liability form.

All washers, dryers, refrigerators, ice chests, dishwashers, etc must be disconnected by customer prior to our company moving them.  We do not cover damage caused by water or improper disconnects. Front load washers should have moving bolts must be supplied by customer, moving without these bolts may damage your washer and we do not cover damage due to no bolts.
We are happy to move televisions for our customers, however, we will NOT be responsible T.V.’s that are moved without the original box. Customers may also purchase a T.V. box from Affordable Moving for $31.50,  Mounted T.V.’s we can help remove Televisions from your wall, however, we are NOT responsible for broken televisions. It is best practice to have the company whom installed your television to also do the disassembly. For our protection, all customers requesting this service may be required to sign a Release of Liability form.

Gun Safes: 
We are equipped to move gun safes at a 500lb Maximum. If your gun safe is heavier than this maximum please be aware that we will not be liable for any damages caused, additionally we will not go up or down any steps.  ALL gun safes must be empty prior to moving, you will need to be able to open your safe and show us that it is empty prior to moving.

All appliances (included but not limited to washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc) requiring special moving bolts or mechanisms must have pre-approval. Any special bolts or mechanisms must be inserted by the customer prior to moving.

Long Carry Charges:              
A long carry fee will be assessed when we are unable to assess your home or business within 100 feet of the rear of the moving truck. This fee will be $0.50/foot or $25.00/50 feet.

Stair Fee:                                  
$25.00 per flight of stairs, 1st flight of stairs is included for all household goods less than 200lbs. the stair fee normally applies to 3rd floor + apartments and condos, and for large items going up or down steps (gun safes, pool tables, etc)

All moves more than 20 miles outside of Wichita city limits will require a deposit of 25% of your move estimate or $200.00(whichever is greater) in order to secure booking.  This deposit will be non-refundable.  This deposit maybe transferred with a 5 day notification.  Deposit monies may only be transferred ONE time, if second date is cancelled for any reason, all monies will be forfeited. Moves cancelled less than 5 days before the move date will FORFEIT all monies.

Payment in full for all moves will be due upon completion of the move.  You may pay with Cash, Debit/Credit Card. Any payments made by check must be pre-approved by office, we only accept local checks drawn from a bank located in Wichita, KS.

If the weather is not ideal on the day of your move we will NOT automatically cancel your move, however, customers requesting move services to still be rendered in inclement weather will be required to sign a Release of Liability form for our protection.  We will NOT cover items broken or damaged due to weather related accidents. Including but not limited rain damage, wind damage, heat damage, etc).  Extreme weather conditions will result in a cancellation and rescheduling of your move (torrential rain, extreme winds, tornado threats, dangerous heat, etc).

Here at Affordable Moving, we strive for excellence and do our very best to make sure all of your valuables arrive to their new home in the same condition as when received.  However, accidents sometimes do unfortunately happen and our customers can rest assure that Affordable Moving is fully insured and covers all of your valuables at the mandated coverage. 

  • Affordable Moving will pay to repair the item in order to restore it to the same condition it was in when it was received or
  • Affordable Moving will replace the item with a similar item as the one being claimed or
  • Affordable Moving will make a cash settlement for repair or the current market replacement value of the property when it was received by Affordable Moving.
Whichever option is less. Depreciation will be applied to all claims.

Customers do have the option to purchase additional coverage based on the actual cash value of their belongings before their move, please see below for details:


Affordable Moving offers 2 options for coverage of your belongings. 
  1. Option 1 is us providing the federally mandated amount of coverage for all items for no additional charge. This is your default option and requires no further action by the customer.
  2. Option 2 costs $33.00 per truckload ($6.00 per 1,000 pounds max 5,500 pounds per truckload).  This gives for 10 times the mandated coverage in the event of any damage. ADDITIONAL COVERAGE MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE YOUR MOVE BEGINS. Please send us an email confirming you would like the additional coverage or instruct the driver upon arrival before you belongings are moved. Additional coverage cannot be purchased once your move begins. 

What you should know:
  • Liability for any claim on any single item shall not exceed $300.00
  • All damage claims must be made at the time of move
  • It is the customers responsibility to inspect all items before signing satisfactory of move statement
  • Furniture composed of particle board or press board. Lamps, lamp-shades, pictures, mirrors, artwork, glass, marble, vases or statues not packed by Affordable Moving. Items found broken in boxes not packed by Affordable Moving. Mechanical condition of electronic, audio/visual, computer, or battery operated equipment in transit or storage. Previously damaged or repaired items. Previously damaged or loose veneer. Furniture with the original glue dried out. Any loose items not boxed. Plants (live, artificial, or dried). If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered by the insurance, not the whole set.